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Hey! Thanks for visiting my "Music Site."

I love Music a lot! (Doesn't everyone!?!)
So, I thought it would be cool to make a music site with my top 20 songs, top 10 albums and my artist of the month!
This page changes every Week please keep coming back as many times you like.... Enjoy! T.J

T.J's TOP 20 SONGS: 7/1/99 to 7/17/99 1. I will go with you by: Donna Summer *NEW #1* 2. Look at me by: Geri Halliwell 3. She Wants You by: Billie 4. When I Hated Him by: Bijou Phillps 5. Beautiful Stranger by: Madonna 6. All Day by: Lisa Loeb 7. Sexual (li da di) by: Amber 8.The Hardest Thing by: 98 Degrees 9. If you had my love by: Jennifer Lopez 10. She's a bitch by: Missy Elliot 11. Yesterday by: Shanice 12. Shes so high by: Tal Bachman  13. Unspeakable Joy by: Kim English 14.Boom,boom,boom,boom by: Vengaboys 15. She Likes me for me by: Blessed Union Of Souls 16. If you buy this record.... by: The Tamperer 17. Bailamos by: Enrique Iglesias 18. Someday by: Sugar Ray 19. Ring My Bell by: Inoj. 20. Your a superstar by: Love Inc
Top 20 countdown Changes every week!
From: 7/1/99 To: 7/17/99
Come back to see what songs went up and what songs went down!
T.J's TOP 10 Albums: 7/1/99 to 7/17/99 1.Believe by: Cher 2.Firecracker by: Lisa Loeb one more time by: Britney Spears 4.Honey to the B by: Billie 5.Seven Sisters by: Meja 6.Schizophonic by: Geri Halliwell 7.Da real World by: Missy Elliot 8. On the 6 by: Jennifer Lopez 9.Party Album by: Vengaboys 10.Shanice by: Shanice

Geri who we all know as "Ginger Spice" went solo! Shes back with a great cd out now called "Schizophonic" (a must get!)
My Favorite songs on this cd are: "Look at me", "Lift me up", " Mi Chico Latino ", "Walkaway", and alot more!
"Schizophonic" is such a great cd, and Geri deserves to be the artist of July!
Do you want your favorite singer up here to be the artist of the month? Well..send me an e-mail of what singer u want to be famous for a month.. E-Mail Me!

NEW MUSIC FILE: 7/1/99 to 7/17/99 ~I've had enough by: Regina Belle ~Baby by: Before Dark ~Should I by: Grenique ~Chante's got a man by: Chante Moore ~With a child's heart by: Raven Symone ~Canned Heat by: Jamiroquia ~Love Song by: Sky ~Somebody eles by: Tekla ~Do something by: Total ~Pop & Telivision by: Meja ~Show Me by: D-cru ~Do something by: Macy Grey ~Better than me by: Terry Dexter ~Its all about you (not about me) by: Tracie Spencer ~Thinking of you by: Chynthia ~Summer girls by: LFO ~Smile by: Viteamn C
These NEW songs might be added up next week on the top 20 countdown!... so come back and check!
** MY TOP 5 "Movies of the week." **
MY TOP 5 MOVIES 7/1/99 to 7/17/99 1. Physco (1998' release) 2. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 3. The Out of towners 4. Something About Mary 5. Austin Powers: The International Mystery Man
NEW No. 1 movie: Physco- This movie is much of everything scary, sick, funny, and awesome! I loved it! I rented it for 3 days..I have a late charge over it. (hehehe) A Must see movie!!!... I have to see the old one soon.~

next week , the countdowns will change!
please keep checkin' here every week
Anything you want on the countdown, or information please send me an E-mail me.
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Thanks to those People who came in my site!