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DishDiva says: In just a few moments we will welcome Lisa Loeb whose new release is "Cake and Pie."

DishDiva says: Lisa is here onstage with Lisa and her kitty, Chinchy Morty.

DishDiva says: Baby Jackson is the newest kitty asleep just offstage.

DishDiva says: We have all your questions and will be starting in just a moment!

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DishDiva says: Hey Lisa, welcome to MSN Live!

DishDiva says: It's great to have you and Chinchy Morty here with us!

DishDiva says: Do you have a question for Lisa Loeb? Click the submit question button and enter your question.

DishDiva says: Lisa, welcome to MSN Live. It's great to have you here for the first time.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Thank you! Hello!

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DishDiva says: Let's get started.

Night_Rain57 in Onstage1 asks: Where does Lisa gets her inspiration?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Drinking coffee.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: That's a really general question. I get my inspiration from my own experiences. Sometimes melodies inspire.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Sometimes the music I create inspires the lyrics.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: A certain melody will make me think of a certain story.

flaminghottangel in Onstage3 asks: I was wonder what are the biggest challenges you've faced along the way to getting where you are today?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: My biggest challenge is people saying no constantly and trying to limit me creatively and trying to limit me, not only in the record making but also in the presentation of it.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: People saying no creatively. I think that's the biggest one.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I don't usually listen, but sometimes it takes a lot of extra energy with the fight.

Spaceyman1 in Onstage3 asks: Lisa, on your album "Tails" the name is scratched out. Why is that? Is tails a reference to your pet cats?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Tails has many layers of meaning. Originally the idea was a drawing of a cat chasing it's tail and I imagined it in my mind with the title tails, but it was too complicated to draw. The next best thing was a drawing of a cat's face and I like the contrast

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Lisa_Loeb_Live says: of having a cats head and the word tails. Tails is scratched out and that was partially the artists choice, but it created more layers of options. It's like saying "not tails, but heads."

dahackr in Onstage3 asks: Are you getting in a groove now with your new band?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Yes. I just played our first tour in Japan a few weeks ago and it went really well.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: There's really only one addition, Matt Beck and he plays every instrament and sings. Also Dweezil Zappa was a guest on this tour.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I'm sorry if my answers are abbriviated, but that's the nature of the chat. If you want more information you can go to and get more information starting tomorrow.

DishDiva says: SLR says: Lisa, I wanted to ask you about "My Muse" from your last record "Firecracker." It should have been the single! Were you satisfied with the way that song turned out or do you wish you’d written words where the ‘la-la’s are now?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I think you're talking about my song, "This." And those were added into the recording to make the groovy loungy sound. I was excited to try out this new presentation of the song.

gens_fan99 in Onstage3 asks: Lisa, when and where will the "Cake AND Pie" tour begin, and when will we get to hear about the dates for the concert?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: It already began, but the dates are not yet available. There's also one-off performances in March. Friday March 1st at Tower Records in the new Sherman Oaks Galleria, we'll be playing music and making a pie. In Dallas in the outdoor festival Sunday March

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: 3rd.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: More details at

DishDiva says: Speaking of pie. . . this seems to be the most popular question in tonight's chat. . .

wyndwalker99 in Onstage1 asks: Whats your favorite kind of Cake, and Pie??

BethyD73 in Onstage3 asks: What are your favorite kinds of cakes and pies?

bad2BONE791 in Onstage1 asks: why did u name your new realese cake and pie???

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: My favorite pie is cherry pie without a lot of gelatinous material inside. My favorite cake is banana cake with banana icing similar to the one Sarah Lee used to make.

BethyD73 in Onstage3 asks: What do you think about the state of pop music right now, and how do you think "Cake and Pie" will fare in its surroundings?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I think that, I hope and it seems like, there's a slow return of real music being played by real people. If this is true, I think "Cake and Pie" will do really well with your help.

elfpirch in Onstage1 asks: Was Ethan Hawke a driving force in your pre-pop publicity

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I think his name and his role as director of my first video "Stay" was a driving force in my publicity. People are always interested when a well known actors works with a musician.

umightneverknow in Onstage3 asks: what was inspiration for "Rose-Colored Times"?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: It was inspired by the story in "Paper Moon." A movie directed by Peter Bogdonovich. In the movie, a young girl's mother dies and she's trying to figure out who her father is. The song is told from the girl's point of view. Coinsidentally, it was

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: made in a summer home of the lead actress Tatum O'Neal.

CakeandPie in Onstage1 asks: To Lisa: From T.J. in N.Y. : You worked with Dweezil in this album, did you found it difficult to work with someone your dating?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I didn't find it difficult because we work together very well creatively. It's easy and fun to write and record songs together. We have a similar sense of what we think sounds good. And our working relationship came way before dating.

kermitdafrog20m in Onstage3 asks: Lisa, what are your thoughts on mainstream pop music? Would you ever consider going Britney?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Yeah, of course, let me go get my belly shirt, my choreographer, and cut my age in half. (laughs)

DishDiva says: Hmmm, I'm sensing a little sarcasm there. . .

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: (laughs)

ClockwiseCrab1 in Onstage1 asks: Lisa whats one geat accomplishment in your life?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: That's a complicated question. There's so many catagories in life. I crocheted a blanket with pom poms for my friends baby. That's such a big question, it's hard to answer it.

DishDiva says: Your hosts tonight are Trish, Budd, Barb, Joan and Mark. If you have any questions about MSN Live, they are the ones to ask!

Eggman9 in Onstage3 asks: What did you think of Viscount studio in Rhode island when you did your first demo?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: It was so exciting! Every time we drive into Providence, I point it out to my friends. All the studios I've worked in and all the people I've worked with have contributed to my experience as a musician.

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Xeniajoy in Onstage3 asks: What is your favorite song you ever wrote?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I like "Jake."

laughing_gas_and_ennui in Onstage4 asks: I appreciate the fact that you use mature chords in your writing. Do have a background in jazz guitar?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I have studied jazz guitar and classical piano. Especially when I went to college because there were so many great musicians there that would challenge each other. I got in the habit of trying to write interesting harmonic chord progressions.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: And when I use simple chords, being aware they are simple for a reason.

FriskyDock in Onstage1 asks: Hiya Lisa, how did you ever come up with that name Cake and Pie. Did you come up with it or someone else?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I came up with it. Like most of my album covers, an image appears to me in my head. It sounds mystical, but it's like trying to remember something you need to buy at the grocery store. I had a lot of songs that had cake and pie, that are not on the album

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IIRainbowCherryII in Onstage1 asks: Why did you wait so long to release a new album?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: now. I like the different interpretations. I like both cake and pie when I'm offered them. To have both cake AND pie. The AND is the most important part of the title.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: The waiting was not my choice. I was ready to put out an album in 2000, but since the record company was going through changes, I had to wait until they were ready.

LisaLoebRules in Onstage3 asks: Has there ever been a time when you have regretted becoming popular and why?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: First of all, nice name, second, right now my level of popularity doesn't hinder my existance in any way. I just feel I have a respectible level of success and I don't need to get another job.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: When someone comes up to me and say hello, it's like when my brother's and sister introduce me to friends at parties. I don't mean brothers and sisters in a hippy way. I have brothers and a sister and when I was growing up I was always around a lot of

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: people.

DishDiva says: Buy Lisa Loeb’s "Cake & Pie"

UofITom in Onstage3 asks: House of Blues Chicago, you gave suggestion to a peanut butter obsession, still?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Ohhh! I still love peanut butter. For breakfast I had dry smoked salmon, tortilla with peanut butter and jelly. Tortillas have a lot of fiber and peanut butter and jelly just taste so d*** good!

DishDiva says: Are you a fluffernutter person?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: No.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: It makes me kind of nauseous.

uncalumni2001musician in Onstage1 asks: lisa, are you still pursuing acting?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: At the moment, I'm only concentrating on music with my album coming out tomorrow. Hopefully in the future there will be more acting.

DishDiva says: What will you be doing tomorrow as the CD drops?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Tomorrow I will be speaking to high school students about songwriting on a NARAS panel.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I think we'll be having champagne at my house later... without the high school students.

hyperwolfess in Onstage1 asks: How long have you been writing books?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: I've been writing books for a long long time. My first book was about hygiene in the middle ages and how it relates to

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: the plumbing system of the 20th century.

authorityzerogirl in Onstage4 asks: I haven't seen you in a long time. Do you still have the trademark (at least in my opinion) glasses?

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Yes. I still have bad vision and so I still have the glasses.

DishDiva says: Lisa, thanks for joining us tonight on MSN Live. Best of luck with the release "Cake and Pie" tomorrow.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: Thank you. Come visit me on for more extensive answers to your fabulous questions.

Lisa_Loeb_Live says: See you soon.

DishDiva says: Got a comment for Lisa? Click the submit question button and enter your comment now!

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britneyfan219 in Onstage1 asks: thank you for coming, we enjoyed talking with u a lot

nightclaire in Onstage1 asks: i wanna be just like you lisa. im naming my child lisa after you.

kermitdafrog20m in Onstage3 asks: Lisa, youre great and C AND pie is also great itll do great I bet HI FROM MEXICO

Night_Rain57 in Onstage1 asks: Is lisa comming to Mexico soon? We want to see her!

MELLAE in Onstage1 asks: Good luck Lisa, you deserve it!!

BlondBabe573 in Onstage4 asks: you are a great singer and you are really pretty!

chrisELcolombiano in Onstage1 asks: we love u lisa ! ! !! !

coach676 in Onstage3 asks: lias the glasses are hot!!

holediva in Onstage4 asks: i think you are a wonderful performer

CakeandPie in Onstage1 asks: I love the new album its a masterpiece thanks for the music!

DMBestOfWhatsAround in Onstage1 asks: Great job, I am so impressed with your overall ackage as a preformer, your music and sound is timeless.

Andia_Imerson in Onstage5 asks: Live is the best!!The host are so cool!!! yas!

BethyD73 in Onstage3 asks: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Lisa! Best of luck with the album, and I hope to see you on tour soon!

shortybec18 in Onstage1 asks: I have been waiting for your CD for years! I'm so excited for tomorrow! Thanks for making good music!!! You have a huge fan in Holland, Michigan!!

Panda_V in Onstage1 asks: UR SOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrisELcolombiano in Onstage1 asks: we love you lisa ! ! ! ! !

GOOGLEMAN_1 in Onstage4 asks: hello this is the greatest experienc of my life r u a happy person

DishDiva says: Thanks to Lisa Loeb for joining us this evening on MSN Live!

DishDiva says: Thanks also to tonight's hosts -- Budd, Mark, Joan, Trish and Barb.

DishDiva says: The transcript of this event will be available tomorrow on MSN Live.

DishDiva says: Good night!

DishDiva says: Buy Lisa Loeb’s "Cake & Pie"

babegurl2001116 in Onstage4 asks: Thank you for coming LISA!!!!!

Mayrena19 in Onstage1 asks: i think she is a very serious artist that means well with her beautiful music, let go buy the CD tomorrow! (God know I will ask my aunt to byu it for me and Fedex it )

Panda_V in Onstage1 asks: STAY COOL AND WE LOVE U!!!!

Lisa answered one of my questions!! She Rocks!!

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